PROTECH Tactical LT7 – Magazine Pouch, Dual/Double

PROTECH Tactical LT7 – M4/Side Arm Magazine Pouch, Dual/Double Whether in a war zone or training, the tugging, pulling and pushing of ammunition in and out of a pouch will happen. PROTECH Tactical’s LT7 – M4 Side Arm Magazine chose to use the Helium Whisper® MOLLE attachment system, made with ULTRAcomp®, to securely deliver this […]

Blue Force Gear SAW Pouch

Blue Force Gear SAW Pouch Carrying a 10kg (22 pound) rifle along with securely carrying extra heavy ammunition, a 200-round M249 SAW drum (4.5kg, 10 pounds on average). The SAW pouch was designed head to toe with ULTRAcomp® to ensure no matter how rough the terrain is, the ammo is safe. The pouch also utilizes […]