Better Manufacturing

Equals Better Products​

Blue Force Gear Laser In Use

Manufacturing Benefits

Engineering and design are the basics for any advanced product. ULTRAcomp® pushes further with proprietary manufacturing processes to provide a distinctive modern material. The same component advancements that allow clean, smooth, non-frayed laser cut edges also helps with consistent quality. In manufacturing, ULTRAcomp® High-Performance Laminate leads the way with unprecedented ability to produce precision parts with lower total cost of manufacturing.

  • Lower Manufacturing Cost
  • Fewer Manufacturing Steps
  • Less Complexity
  • Faster Manufacturing
  • Fewer Raw Material Sku’s
  • Higher Consistency/Quality
  • Better Repeatability/Precision

Better Finished Products

Manufacturing with ULTRAcomp® further increases value with better products for the end user. Products built with ULTRAcomp® are more durable, stronger, and lighter relative to products made with traditional materials and construction.

  • Lighter Weight Products
  • Stays Dry and Light
  • Antimicrobial to Resist Odor or Staining
  • Superior Strength
  • Fewer Layers of Material
  • Advanced Designs and Capabilities
Ultracomp-Layer Red Breakout