Velocity Systems Pusher Back Panel Kit

Velocity Systems Pusher Back Panel Kit For a quick response tactical pack – the Pusher Back Panel Kit can quickly be deployed and changed in seconds. The kit designed by Velocity Systems uses ULTRAcomp® strength for holding the entire system in place by using the high-performance laminate as a support system on the shoulder straps. For more […]

The Safariland Group V1 Overt Carrier

The Safariland Group V1 Overt Carrier When Safariland Armor was looking for the best combination of strength, quality, and comfort they selected the high-performance laminate ULTRAcomp®. Developed to exceed the standards of the World’s most elite warriors, ULTRAcomp® is resistant to tear, abrasion, and water. It’s fused strength pushes the limits on weight savings while […]

The Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig

The Mayflower Pusher Chest Rig The Pusher Chest Rig is a tactical chest rig used by Military and Law Enforcement. Mayflower Research & Consulting chose ULTRAcomp®’s strength with a 3″ shoulder strap. The chest rig hold the weight of an issue radio (PRC-152, PRC-148, Motorola, or others), four rifle magazines (M4, 7.62×51 or 7.62×39 utilizing […]


PLATATAC BULLOCK ECHO MK II NSN’D PLATATAC took the Helium Whisper® system to the next level with their Bullock Echo MK II NSN’D Pack. The entire backing of the pack is layered with the strength of ULTRAcomp®. This foundation allows for durability while carrying heavier tactical essentials inside the backpack. For more information, visit

Velocity Systems Helium Whisper Micro Diddie Pouch

Velocity Systems Helium Whisper® Micro Diddie Pouch Small, lightweight, and quickly expandable to carry items in an 8.75″ x 9.5″ pouch. The Micro Diddie pouch compresses to a quarter of the original size to quickly expand and carry an “ants” load of heavy items. This is possible with the ULTRAcomp® strength of the Helium Whisper® MOLLE Attachment System. […]

PROTECH Tactical LT7 – Magazine Pouch, Dual/Double

PROTECH Tactical LT7 – M4/Side Arm Magazine Pouch, Dual/Double Whether in a war zone or training, the tugging, pulling and pushing of ammunition in and out of a pouch will happen. PROTECH Tactical’s LT7 – M4 Side Arm Magazine chose to use the Helium Whisper® MOLLE attachment system, made with ULTRAcomp®, to securely deliver this […]


PLATATAC HW DROP DOWN GPS Navigating unfamiliar terrain in a combat zone is not a low-stress task. PLATATAC® chose Helium Whisper’s use of an ULTRAcomp® backing as a firm way to mount their GPS pouches directly to the soldier’s armor for quick access. The last concern of any leaders mind is whether or not their GPS unit […]

Mayflower R & C Helium Whisper RECCE Radio/5590 Pouch

Mayflower Research & Consulting Helium Whisper® RECCE Radio/5590 Pouch Communication on the battlefield is critical for any led combat mission. Carrying a large battery and radio for a long mission is equally important. That is why Mayeflower Research & Consulting® chose to use the ULTRAcomp® backing Helium Whisper® attachment system for their radio pouches. For […]

Eleven 10 Mini Blowout Kit Pouch

Eleven 10 Mini Blowout Kit Pouch Having quick access to medical supplies is life saving in a combat zone. Having a sanitary tray with medical supplies on them is innovation! The Eleven 10 mini Blowout Medical Kit Pouch is that essential design. The inner tray that deploys with a pinch is a perfect cut of […]

Blue Force Gear SAW Pouch

Blue Force Gear SAW Pouch Carrying a 10kg (22 pound) rifle along with securely carrying extra heavy ammunition, a 200-round M249 SAW drum (4.5kg, 10 pounds on average). The SAW pouch was designed head to toe with ULTRAcomp® to ensure no matter how rough the terrain is, the ammo is safe. The pouch also utilizes […]