Blue Force Gear’s Micro Trauma Kit NOW! is Developed for Warriors. Each trauma kit contains life saving medical supplies which are easily accessible by the ULTRAcomp pull tabs.

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Micro Trauma Kit NOW!

Products built with ULTRAcomp® are more durable, stronger, and lighter relative to products made with traditional materials and construction.

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! is designed to hold medical and first aid supplies on a belt, strap and MOLLE version for Military and Law Enforcement. This light weight pouch allows for quick access to the inner contents with a removable insert. The insert is stowed with supplies securely by ten-speed® elastic and high-performance ULTRAcomp®. No matter your trail, this belt pouch goes where you go.

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! can be filled carefully with your own custom essentials to Blue Force Gear’s standard first aid supplies and their specialized wilderness first responder essentials (Advanced Supplies). This amazing first aid belt pouch was designed specifically around holding the Micro Trauma Kit Advanced Medical Supplies to save lives. These supplies are everything necessary to address the “Big Three” when it comes to preventable deaths due to traumatic injury; hemorrhage, occluded airway, and tension pneumothorax (collapsed lung). The basic medical kit supplies covers traumatic injuries that may lead to death.

Micro Trauma Kit full


When on the trail to your next adventure Blue Force Gear always recommends preventive measures to remain safe. Know your environment and your team. But everyone knows nature is unpredictable at times, and that’s why the Micro Trauma Kit NOW! is the go to pouch for the everyday lifestyle.

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! has been serving Law Enforcement, EMT’s, Military and more since its creation. The front outer pouch features a laser cut cross with several signal indicators that can be changed: black insert, red, or highly reflective glow-in-the-dark insert. It is available in black, coyote brown, multicam, OD green, and wolf gray. It weighs nearly a 1/5ths of a pound when empty (96g) and 3/5ths of a pound when filled with advanced supplies (261g). The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Is made 100% in America.

The Micro Trauma Kit NOW! Is available for retail purchase here: https://www.blueforcegear.com/trauma-kit-basic

ULTRAcomp Blue Force Gear

Micro Trauma Kit NOW!™

Made with ULTRAcomp

Blue Force Gear’s use of the high-performance laminate created one of lightest and compact medical belt & MOLLE pouches on the market. The innovative design has an outer shell which utilizes the strength of ULTRAcomp by creating precise incision signal indicators slots, medical symbol: black, red, or highly reflective glow-in-the-dark interchangeable inserts. The inner contents lay on a “wallet fold” layer of ULTRAcomp to hold the medical contents. The backside is the same material, held to the front of the pouch with military elastic (Ten-Speed®).

Medical Inner Contents


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